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"I've done the jobs I was hired to do;
Now I'm doing the work I was created to do."
Gregory Tall - Artist Formerly Known as

Hello! My name is Gregory.


I help people (that's you)



Before starting The Gregory Tall Company, I spent 15 years helping high-growth organizations acquire & develop diverse talent and build top workplaces (thus, my alias as "The Artist Formerly Known as HR"). In my career, I spent a lot of time coaching managers, building leadership development programs and mentoring emerging leaders. That's the super-quick version of my background. If you'd like the not-so-super-quick version, check out my one-sheet. 


I now design and facilitate interactive workshops that teach participants how to communicate with employees, peers, customers, investors, and other external stakeholders in the most compelling way.


My workshop participants will immediately notice my high-energy delivery. I enjoy my work and it shows. I've delivered hundreds of presentations in settings ranging from the boardroom of a 30-person start-up company to the unexplainably chilly hotel ballroom filled with hundreds of heavily-caffeinated conference attendees. My past engagements have included global Fortune 500 companies, mission-driven not-for-profit organizations, and volunteer-led professional associations. It turns out lots of organizations are interested in having their people become better communicators. Thank goodness!

I’m an avid reader & walker, a public radio junkie, the owner of a growing collections of vinyl albums, and someone who absolutely insists on having a chocolate chip cookie. Every. Single. Day.


Spoiler Alert: In case you’re wondering, I stand at a very unimposing 5’5". TALL just happens to be the name I was born with. So yes, it's my real last name. You'd be surprised how often I am asked if it is. =)

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