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Thanks for stopping by. As lots of people have experienced layoffs, furloughs, or reductions in work hours as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm sharing a couple of resources I hope will be helpful. You are welcome to view these free, on-demand webinars yourself and share them with anyone whose job has been impacted. Stay safe. Stay encouraged.

Just Laid Off - Gregory Tall Company.jpe
10 Important Things to Do After a Job Loss
Recorded: March 31, 2020

After over a decade on my job, I was suddenly informed that my position had been eliminated. And just like that, everything changed. I was simultaneously dealing with the shock of what just happened, the uncertainty of what I'd do next, and the anxiety of not having an income. In this webinar, I draw from my professional experiences as a Director of HR and Career Advisor, and my personal experience as a job seeker, and share ten things you need to do if you suddenly find yourself unemployed. You’ll learn about the key decisions you’ll face as you get stabilized and prepared to hit the job market.

Job Search Strategy - Gregory Tall Compa
Job Search Strategies for the Digital Age
Recorded: Thursday, April 2, 2020

What happens when someone who has hired hundreds of people has to look for a job? In my case, I chronicled the entire experience so I could share it with you! This webinar follows the story of my last job search that began with me being laid off and ending with me landing a gig just four days later at a Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” employer. I’ll share exactly how many resumes I sent out, exactly how many interviews I went on, and exactly how many days my search lasted from start to finish. Most importantly, I’ll share the things I did that worked…and the things I tried that didn’t work. You’ll get insight about the tactics most likely to get your resume noticed and land you an opportunity to interview. This webinar is ideal for first-time job seekers, people who are looking for a job for the first time in more than five years, and people who feel like their job search has stalled.

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