Because you're the someone who has to say something


Tellin' It Like It Is:
Giving Critical Feedback & Having Difficult Conversations

Someone on your team just made a huge mistake on the job or is simply not performing up to par. You know you need to tell them, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings or damage your relationship with them.   Or maybe you are just too blunt and are worried that you will offend them. So instead you hope the problem miraculously goes away or you convince yourself that you’re really going to speak up the next time something happens. This workshop will teach you how to be a good messenger when you need to be the bearer of bad news.


  • How to deliver critical feedback conversations with confidence and clarity. 

  • How to distinguish facts from opinions and assumptions when giving feedback.

  • How to provide feedback that is specific, objective and actionable. 

  • How to engage in difficult conversations while maintaining rapport and good relationships.