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Break the Needle | Gregory Tall Company.
20 Actions to Accelerate Antiracism in the Workplace
Recorded: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The time is now! Antiracism is at the center of the national conversation. You are part of a growing community of people who want to do more than just move the needle of progress. You want to #BreakTheNeedle! This fast-moving workshop is for allies who want to lead your organization in the call to action. I share 20 specific actions your workplace can take to be an active participant in this historic movement for equity. I cover everything from hiring and retention to culture and community engagement. And you’re sure to hear at least one idea your organization can use to #BreakTheNeedle.

Click below to view the recording, download the slide deck...or both. You are welcome to share this recording and slide deck widely and frequently. And please use the hashtag #BreakTheNeedle in your social media posts when you share what your organization is doing to combat racism.