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It's Black History Month in the U.S. and there is a growing community of people who want to do more than just move the needle on diversity, equity, & inclusion—they want to break it!


After the murder of George Floyd and the global demonstrations that followed, so many people asked what they and their organizations can do to support the Black community and contribute to meaningful progress. If you are one of them, the Break The Needle series is for you!

Break The Needle was first delivered in 2020 as a webcast featuring actions organizations could take to make meaningful progress on their DEI efforts. This year, I rebooted the concept with four 25-minute live sessions over four days, bringing back many of the actionable ideas first shared in 2020 along with some brand new ones. 


Now through March 15, you can watch this year's sessions replays at your convenience. Feel free to share them with your organization's HR team, DEI council, managers and leaders, and ERG members. And if you are already doing or will be doing any of the actions from this video series, I'd love to hear about it! Use the Let's Connect portal of my website to share your DEI success story.  

Break The Needle - Day 1
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